Why I Left My Legacy News Job For Bitcoin

I have always been my mother’s daughter. My mother is a captivating storyteller, an avid reader and a fearless risk-taker who I endlessly admire. Those are the very reasons my dad once told me he fell in love with her and went along with her decision to lead our family across an ocean with few belongings aside from a very strong vision of the American Dream.

My mother’s wish since she was very young was to come to America. Both my parents grew up in Communist Poland, which suffered through the hostilities of war, oppressive government, job scarcity and constant invasion. My mom’s dad, who I never had the honor of meeting, would show her classic Hollywood movies when she was growing up and planted a seed. He told my mom that a better world existed in America, one where there was a sense of upward mobility, opportunity and freedom. One where you didn’t have to wait hours in line for basic necessities.

My mom and members of her family tried each year to come to the U.S., applying for a visa lottery, but it wasn’t until she was 38, and my dad was 41, that they finally got the chance to move here with their kids. My dad thought by that point it probably wasn’t a good idea, there was so much uncertainty and there was a sense of comfort in what they knew. But my mom dug in her heels, clutching to the hope of a better life and ultimately made the call.

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